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Adobe PDF file 2018 Majors Rules *

Adobe PDF file 2021 COVID Safety Guidelines *

Adobe PDF file Field Usage and Maintenance *

Adobe PDF file NLL SafeSport Policy *

Adobe PDF file NLL Safety Plan 2021 *

Adobe PDF file NLL Summer Season Guidelines *

Adobe PDF file Rule 7.08(a-3) There is no must slide rule. Slide; OR ATTEMPT *- There is no must slide rule. Slide; OR ATTEMPT to get around the fielder. Notice that the rule says, "attempt to get around", NOT "avoid."

Adobe PDF file Rule 7.13 Live Ball (Delayed Steal) *- 7.13 - When a pitcher is in... Baseball - Little League (Major) and Minor League: contact with the pitchers plate and in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catchers box ready to receive delivery of the ball, base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached the batter. Until the pitcher and catcher have satisfied the above elements of this rule, the runners are fee to advance without violation.

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